R&S® CLIPSTER v6.7 covers the workflow from mastering and versioning to merging, refining and QC of IMF, DCI, AS-02 and AS-11 packages, as well as rendered file deliverables. Standard compliant results from any media file source are achieved quickly with a minimum amount of training thanks to CLIPSTER's user-friendly design and accessibility. Offering flexibility in software and hardware options, superior customer service and quick adoption of new standards, Rohde & Schwarz’ CLIPSTER supports studios and post production vendors in growing their business effectively and efficiently.

Key Facts

 - Fast and reliable IMF and DCP mastering
 - 4K uncompressed playback up to 120 fps
 - HDR color-processing pipeline
 - Input any file type and video signal
 - Mix and match codecs alongside uncompressed frame sequences

Working with Dolby Vision Projects


Working with Dolby Vision Supplemental Packages