ABOUT Nucoda 2018.3

Nucoda 2018.3 is a premium colour grading and finishing solution that allows you to construct complex looks and visual styles for film, animation, and broadcast. Featuring an industry leading colour toolset, Nucoda supports the ACES colour managed workflow, HDR support  and Dolby Vision. Editorial workflows like Avid and Premiere via AAF and XML, and direct access to Avid Interplay and Nexus storage devices.

Access to Digital Vision Optics (DVO), a suite of image enhancement tools, allows restoration and enhancement of content, from archive to digital. 

Nucoda 2018.3 supports multiple, fully mappable control surfaces, RAW Camera formats and a wide range of file formats. Enjoy collaborative workflows, and deliver finished content for multiple platforms.


More information about Nucoda 2018.3, including videos, manuals, and guides, can be found at: