ABOUT easyDCP 3.6

easyDCP 3.6 is a standard-compliant, reliable, software-only IMF and DCP mastering solution for macOS and Windows. It offers QC, real-time playback, versioning, as well as transcoding of IMF packages while retaining an easy to use user interface. On demand, transcoding processes from and to JPEG 2000 can be accelerated using CUDA-enabled graphics cards (Windows only). Supporting a large number of input formats, as well as support for Dolby Vision Mastering (version 3.6 and newer) easyDCP 3.6 offers quick and focused customer support.

Key Facts

Common input formats: DCP-, IMF package- (App2/App 2E), DPX-, JPEG2000-, TIFF-, JPEG-, BMP-, PNG- and QuickTime input (and others)Output Formats: IMF App2/App2E, Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

Allows for transcoding IMF packages to: DPX-, JPEG2000-, TIFF-, JPEG-, BMP-, PNG- and QuickTime/ProRes input (and others)

  • Versioning capabilities (authoring of Supplemental Packages)
  • Support for Dolby Atmos
  • Support for Dolby Vision (3.6 and newer)
  • Integrated Timeline
  • Scriptable
  • Integrated IMF-Package validation tool
  • Photon IMF validation (3.6 and newer)
  • HD-SDI playout capabilities
  • Subtitle Inspector

Tutorial - Creation of OV package: 

Tutorial - Creation of supplemental package for video fix: 

Tutorial - Creation of supplemental package for sound fix:

Tutorial - Creation of supplemental package for non-branded version: 


Frequently Asked Questions