Congratulations on being selected as a Netflix Post Technology Alliance participant! You represent the best of the post production technology suppliers, and were chosen because of your product's stellar technical capabilities and unsurpassed customer support. 

The logo should be considered a badge of excellence. Here you’ll learn how to display it appropriately. In addition, you will also learn about ways in which the Netflix Partner Outreach team can support Marketing & Promotional efforts you may have.

For any questions, please contact

Logo Access 

Once you've signed and received the fully executed version of our required Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA) Logo Agreement, the logo is available for use on websites and in other marketing communications.


Use the logo to promote your participation in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance based on the following guidelines:

Use the logo in the exact form of approved camera-ready or electronic artwork received from Netflix. It may not be re-created, altered, distorted or modified in any way.

Use of the PTA logo on a company website page or in a trade show booth is approved when it appears next to a product that is in the program.

Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo guidelines, are as follows:

1. Display the logo in a size and style less prominent than, and separately from, your company name and/or product name, logos or other identifying marks.

2. Display the logo separately from any other name, logo or identifying mark. 

3. Display the logo in a way that clearly refers only to your participation in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, and not any other relationship with Netflix.

PTA Partners are NOT permitted to use the Netflix logo under any circumstances.

Maintain a clear space around the logo the same width of the 'N' in Netflix.

The logo should not be displayed smaller than this minimum size

PTA Partner Marketing & Promotional Guidelines

One of the benefits of being a Netflix PTA partner is the opportunity to collaborate on joint marketing or promotional efforts that highlight the innovative production workflows, technology and creative talent working specifically on Netflix content. These efforts should directly engage the creative post production community and artisans using PTA tools and could take the form of social media coverage, training workshops, panel discussions at industry events or festivals, technical presentations, advertising, branded content or editorial coverage.

Due to the often complex licensing and talent agreements surrounding our titles, it is important for us to understand how a title would be used, provide visibility to the teams internally who work on a specific title, and ensure that we have the proper clearances in place to pursue marketing engagements. With this in mind, we’ve put together the following guidelines for your consideration when evaluating opportunities.

General Brand Assets / IP 

  • Asset availability is not always guaranteed and will depend on licensing restrictions and talent clearance. In some cases, IP license agreements may be required. Please note that images cleared for publicity purposes may not always be allowed for brand marketing purposes. Before using any publicly available images for a title, please submit your request for review to ensure it is cleared for that purpose. * 
  • If available and approved for clearance, digital assets (including behind-the-scenes photos) can be utilized for initiatives where the PTA product was the primary tool used on a title.*

Press Releases / Editorial 

  • Press releases announcing a product’s inclusion in the Post Technology Alliance will not be approved. Announcements made on a company website or via social media should be submitted for approval. *
  • Press releases about PTA tools, or their use at specific post/production vendors, that mention a Netflix title will not be approved. 
  • We want to partner on editorial opportunities that focus on craft talent explaining how they used a product for a specific title. This type of content should be about titles currently on the service and submitted for review and potential collaboration.*

Social Media

  • Social messages that leverage public material about a title (including official trailers or press coverage) can be shared socially as soon as a title is announced publicly. The post must also mention the specific tool(s) utilized on the title AND the craft talent associated with the title. No approvals are required. 
  • Unique social messages that leverage Netflix digital assets (including title key art, publicity stills or behind the scenes stills) can only be posted about titles currently on the service. These messages and asset(s), which must mention the craft talent AND specific tool(s) used on the title, must be submitted for review and proper clearances before posting.*

Website / Advertising

  • Netflix digital assets (including title key art and behind the scenes stills) can be used for branded web content, case studies  or advertising to promote a facility’s involvement AND the creative talent associated with a title, if they receive prior approval.*
  • Product ads using Netflix IP/titles will not be approved.


  • Netflix digital assets (including title key art and behind the scenes stills) can be used for events ONLY if a creative craft talent or Netflix team member is involved with the title being featured. Titles should also be live on the service. All event requests must be submitted at least four weeks before the event and require prior approval.*



* Please submit all requests through the Promotional Request Portal. Approvals must be confirmed by PPI Partner Outreach.



Sample Social Media Hashtags

  • #FixItInPre
  • #NetflixPost
  • #NetflixPTA
  • #PostProduction
  • #filmmaking
  • #cinematography
  • #cinematographer
  • #colorist
  • #editing
  • #sounddesign
  • #dolbyatmos
  • #dolbyvision
  • #hdr
  • #colormanagement
  • #ACES
  • #IMF
  • #dubbing
  • #Prodicle

The Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo usage license is revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable. Netflix reserves the right to amend the logo or replace it with a different logo.