Congratulations on being selected as a Netflix Post Technology Alliance participant! You represent the best of the post production technology suppliers, and were chosen because of your product's stellar technical capabilities and unsurpassed customer support. 

The logo should be considered a badge of excellence. Here you’ll learn how to display it appropriately.

Logo Access 

Once you've signed and received the fully executed version of our required Netflix Post Technology Alliance (PTA) Logo Agreement, the logo is available for use on websites and in other marketing communications.


Use the logo to promote your participation in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance.

Use the logo in the exact form of approved camera-ready or electronic artwork received from Netflix. It may not be re-created, altered, distorted or modified in any way.

Display your own corporate name and logo when using the Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo, as follows:

1. Display the logo in a size and style less prominent than, and separately from, your company name and/or product name, logos or other identifying marks.

2. Display the logo separately from any other name, logo or identifying mark. 

3. Display the logo in a way that clearly refers only to your participation in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, and not any other relationship with Netflix.


Maintain a clear space around the logo the same width of the 'N' in Netflix.

The logo should not be displayed smaller than this minimum size

The Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo usage license is revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable. Netflix reserves the right to amend the logo or replace it with a different logo.