MIST provides a range of tools to produce encoded packages and deliverables: from RAW data to DCP or IMF, also including JPEG 2000, ProRes, AS-02, AS-10, AS-11 DPP, in ACES or in HDR. Efficient from dailies to mastering, MIST also includes advanced color grading, editing and conforming capabilities.

MIST permits the creation of original and supplemental IMF packages in the following applications: App 2, 2e (Studio Profile), App 4 (Cinema Mezzanine), App 5 (ACES) and IMF ProRes RDD45. It is also a certified Dolby Vision solution for editorial and QC.


MIST is a software solution running on certified hardware and Windows 10 64 bit. For JPEG2000 encoding it uses GPU processing, allowing scalability and flexibility for designing a workflow. See the MIST product website for full specifications and requirements.


Video demonstrating the creation of an IMF package for Netflix using MIST.

Other video tutorials about MIST can be found by clicking this link.